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No Waiting or Overbooking at Our Santa Fe Office

As you enter our offices the first thing you’ll notice is that there is no formal receptionist and waiting room and here’s why. If you had a chance to read the welcome page you’ll remember that our first core value speaks to giving you the best service possible and, to do this, we have dedicated 90% of our space to you and the procedures that meet your individual needs. We don’t think a waiting room is important because there is NO WAITING. If you arrive early we, of course, have a place for you to sit but when you arrive at our agreed time, 100% of our time and our attention is focused on your customized care. We know that respecting your time as much as you respect ours builds a strong partnership.

Our professional relationship begins with finding out about you; you can help expedite this process by completing the Patient Information Form found on this site under BOOK A CONSULTATION. (This will help you to save time when you arrive.) At the same time, contact us at (505) 438-0756 and we will help you choose the right time for your initial appointment. Bring all these forms with you to your first appointment. Any questions you have can be handled either when you come in or by phone prior to that appointment.

Santa Fe Dental Practice 


Initial Appointment:Count us to be on time and we will count on you to do the same. At the agreed appointment time we will bring you into an area where we have an opportunity to get to know you and your Oral Health Needs. Your first appointment (unless you arrive with readable and current Dental X-Rays) will often include X-Rays where we can immediately determine where you are structurally and where the areas of opportunity lie. Another tool we use is a tiny digital probe which allows Dr. Martin to test the resilience (and health) of the soft tissue around your teeth- your gums. What we see will be reflected on a computer screen allowing us to discuss the results together.

Next Steps: Where we go from the initial appointment is customized to your needs; in some cases we may be able to begin working immediately, in other cases we will schedule you for follow up treatments and procedures. In All cases what we agree to, will be accomplished effectively and efficiently…with great care. If you have general questions concerning timing and pricing of procedures, call us at.

Earning Your Trust

Our current patients have been with us awhile and many, like you, heard about us from a friend or a colleague. When we say we are passionate about our work and our patients, we mean it. We think of our patients as extended family and once they work with us they stay and  they rely on us to be THEIR personal resource for customized Oral health and Dental care. We know you can count on us to be expert at choosing and delivering the procedures you need to build and maintain the health and beauty of your teeth and gums.

One thing you’ll notice about us has to do with our Doctor, Michael Ray Martin; he is an experienced dentist and still a dedicated learner. This means the Doc (as we fondly call him) constantly expands the tools and techniques he uses to customize your care. When you and your family are members of our family practice you get to take advantage of the most sophisticated procedures available to modern dentistry…..even if that means he photographs your mouth and digitally creates crowns that fit YOUR MOUTH, then mills the materials against his specifications and applies it while you wait. How can we offer this kind of advanced service? Our practice invests in and uses the very latest technology.    

We earn your trust and are proud to have it  

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