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 Santa Fe Dentist, Dr. Michael Ray Martin

Dr. Michael Ray Martin


Here’s what Dr. Martin says about his family “Just like many of you, my wife, our daughter Kate (16) and son Quinn (14) are all active, outdoor people. With the entire family’s involvement in youth athletics like soccer, hockey and Lacrosse we understand how hectic life can be and just how important is our time together. Even with all that activity we are devoted to as healthy a lifestyle as we can have and that includes following the principles of preventative dental health care rather than just performing procedures to adjust and repair oral conditions.

This is reflected in the way I approach my family dental practice; my staff and I focus on thorough exams that provide us with the information we need about the overall health of your teeth and gums and this includes performing oral cancer exams as well as taking x-rays when necessary. We also know that routine cleaning and dedicated home maintenance like flossing, using the proxima brush frequently, using sealants and fluoride when needed are all really helpful in preventing dental and oral disease. And I don’t want to minimize the importance of cosmetics to all of us; the appearance of healthy, white, well balanced teeth create a great smile. We know first impressions really count for all of us!”

Doc and Family

Dr. Martin is a member of the adult hockey league, is a Telemark level Skier and a certified scuba diver. Many of his weekends spring, summer and fall are spent in the Northern most part of Northern New Mexico on the family ranch- irrigating hay fields and raising cattle.

Dr. Martin is committed to continual growth for himself and his staff and is constantly upgrading his techniques, use of technology and tools to serve you in the healthiest, most effective and efficient manner possible. He is an active member of the Santa Fe Chapter of the American Dental Association and periodically adjusts office hours to attend both local and national educational events for both him and his assistants.

Some examples of his dedication to healthy dentistry are:

• Mercury removal and mercury-free dentistry- which he has been practicing for over 20 years
• The dental Radiographs used in the office are digital and instantly provide images without the use of environmentally unkind chemicals.
• Restorative dentistry (including crowns) uses the latest technology; the tooth is measured and captured digitally, excess tooth surface is quickly removed (numbing is optional and encouraged) , while you wait Dr Martin creates the shape of your new crown in 3-D on a computer kiosk right next to your chair (To understand this amazing program-think of the CAD program used in architectural and industrial design) His high-tech approach includes the milling  baking and production of your porcelain crown WHILE YOU WAIT- no more need for 2 to 3 visits to get a crown.


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